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Glee Newsletter
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This is the daily newsletter for the Fox TV Show "Glee"
This is a daily newsletter for the fandom of the Fox TV Show Glee.

The newsletter includes:
* news (news, spoilers, media coverage)
* new communities, challenges and ficathons
* fanfic
* other fanworks


1. If you want to be included in the newsletter, if you have general comments or suggestions, please PM us here.

2. Please do NOT leave comments regarding the newsletter on an editor's personal LJ.

3. We make every attempt to note spoilers for new information, fanfiction and fanart when we see them, but sometimes we don't. Please understand that it is up to each reader to be aware of that when clicking on links to unfamiliar journals. A week after an episode has aired in the U.S., information about that episode is not considered a spoiler anymore.


What is this thing?
The Glee Newsletter is a daily post compiling links to all of the goings on in Glee fandom. You'll find links to news, videos, fiction, icons and more. As the fandom gets larger, the newsletter can be your daily guide to all the stuff posted on Livejournal that you might miss.

Who puts this thing together?
We have a crew of editors who put together the newsletter once per day. When the newsletter is posted each day does depend on each users schedule (and where they are located) but we generally post it in the evenings.

How can I get something into the newsletter?
The easiest way to get your item into the newsletter is to post it to one of the communities being watched by gleewatcher. That journal is used by the compilers as a way to check all the Glee related communities at once.

Another way to get your item into the newsletter is to post a comment to the current day's newsletter with a link to your post. Your link, providing it meets the guidelines, will be included in the next day's edition of the newsletter. If you have posted the same info to one of the communities watched by gleewatcher there is no need to repost your request to the newsletter. We'll see it through the gleewatcher community.

We'll make every attempt to include all links, but we're only human. It is possible we might miss something. If we do, please be patient and we'll try to get it in the next edition as soon as we can.

You said there were guidelines for inclusion. What kind of guidelines?
*Spoilers should be behind a lj-cut. For newsletter purposes, anything regarding an unaired episode in the US is a spoiler. A week after the episode has aired, we no longer consider info on the episode to be spoilery.

*Large pics or picspams should be behind a cut. Just out of consideration.

*Your fic should include a title, rating and pairing OR the statement of an absence of a pairing ("gen" or "no pairing"). The rating should follow the guidelines of the MPAA rating guide or those of fiction ratings. Anything NC-17 or M/MA should be behind a cut.

*Fan-art should also be rated with one of the aforementioned guidelines. Anything NC-17 or M/MA should be behind a cut.

If you would prefer that one of your posts was not linked in the newsletter, please comment on the latest gleenewsletter post to ask for its removal, and we'll delete it as soon as we can.

Will you link to episode reactions in the newsletter?
No, as we suspect the newsletter would be 10 pages long.

I have a Glee community--can we affiliate?
Sure! We're all about cross promotion of Glee communities. Just send a PM to here and we'll add you. Also, if you'd like your community to be added to the Glee watcher journal so that we can include info on it in the newsletter, let us know.

Is there a Delicious account for the Glee newsletter?

Yes, there is! We have started using the Delicious account to tag posts, which are then compiled and posted to gleenewsletter with a script created especially for us by murklins. ETA: This is no longer updated due to Delicious' nonfunctionality. We are planning to switch to Pinboard in the near future.


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Interested in affiliating? PM us at here.